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big bad wolf t shirt

    bad wolf
  • "Bad Wolf" is an episode in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast on June 11, 2005. The TARDIS crew find themselves trapped in the Gamestation, also known as Satellite 5, where they must battle to survive the cruel games.

    t shirt
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big bad wolf t shirt - Big Bad

Big Bad Wolf: Custom Misses Relaxed Fit V-Neck T-Shirt

Big Bad Wolf: Custom Misses Relaxed Fit V-Neck T-Shirt

This silhouette of a howling wolf is the perfect art if your school or team mascot is the wolf. The wolf is a fierce predator and a classic symbol of strength. This personalized tee has the same relaxed cut, sleeves and waistline as our a href=''Misses Relaxed Fit Tee/a, only enhanced with a flattering V-neck. All of our items are completely customizable. You can pick your own product, size, and color. You can choose from our art, or upload your own art of pictures to create a completely customized product.

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Tengu Hideout (6-14-9) #2

Tengu Hideout (6-14-9) #2

Rai Pawpad: "Wow! This is cool! It doesn't even smell bad!'

Jaina Lefevre grins at Rai. "'s really cool. And these boxes are good to sleep on 'cause then the rats don't walk on you."

River Grau scrambles inside after the other children..Since he had seen it before, it wasn't much of a big deal to him.

Rai Pawpad nods and bounces. "Yeah, I wish we had these under the park. Can I take some down there?"

Jaina Lefevre blinks at him. "Under the park? S'prolly better if you sleeps here. It's safer. No wolves to eat you."

Rai Pawpad circles the room. "Yeah, well I will now! " He casts a superior look over his shoulder at her. "Wolves are nothin. You can smell em coming a mile away."

River Grau frowned and nodded at Jaina's words. "There are wolves in the park an' they dun like peoples much. Gotta stay away at night, an' I heard 'em howlin' and stuff last night. Reaally scary wolves. I call the brown one Brown wolf, and a black one I saw is called Blackie Scary Wolf."

Rai Pawpad roots under the desk. "Yeah, I know the one you mean. The black one. I seen him a couple times. Smells like wet dog."

Jaina Lefevre shivers. "I seen one once. It kept licking it's mouth like it was hungry and I looked yummy." She watches Rai. "Hey...if you gets really hungries, you knowed where I live. But I'm gonna see about gettin' Nanny to carry a big box of stuff here. Okay?"

River Grau didn't have that problem with the wolves. They seemed nice enough, "Well, when I saw 'em they ain't seem very hungry."

Rai Pawpad sticks his head out from underneath the desk. "Thanks. That'd be good. But I get food okay, don't worry. If I get really hungry I can always let that redhaired lady try to kidnap me again. She comes on with the good stuff. "

Jaina Lefevre watches Rai and then frowns. "What redhaired lady? Tauntie Lilli?"

Rai Pawpad stands and makes a curvy gestrure with his hands. "Nah...the newpaper lady. "

Jaina Lefevre nosewrinkles. "She's older'n Auntie Farts. I don't like her 'cause she's mean."

River Grau wonders if he is the only child in Midian whom doesn't get kidnapped. "Uhmm.. Maybe you should stay 'way from kidnappin' ladies. Or find someone to act like a big brother, so if you do you have protection.." Blinkblink. "HER? Why does she wanna kidnap you?"

River Grau: She hates kids.

Rai Pawpad bounces back to the top of the table. "She thinks I'm her brother or somethin."
Rai Pawpad looks at Jaina. "And she's mean as HELL! Did you know she has a kid up there, in a room above teh Snake Pit, and she keeps him tied up all the time, and feeds him nothing but bananas?"

Jaina Lefevre eyerolls. "I knowed I don't got no brothers or sisters. They all died." She blinks at him. "She does? Is he all yellow?"

Rai Pawpad nods. "Almost. He looks pretty bad. She keeps him tied in a box."

River Grau blinks, head tilting. "Bastian is sick an' I dun think Mister David would let her do that. Since it's Mister David's kid an' all. He gots luke-and-'em. So he's sick and just bananas would make him sicker.

Jaina Lefevre oohs. "He's a weird kid. Wants to be the boss of the world. I think he needs t'be unpluggeded."

Rai Pawpad exhales. "See, that's where you're wrong again, River. She's obviously a wicked stepmother. And I've been up to see Bastian. Was locked in with him for a whole day and a night. Were you?"

Jaina Lefevre sighs. 'No fightings. Tengu."

Rai Pawpad: "I'm not fighting! I'm just saying what I know. He's saying what grown-ups told him."

River Grau rolls his eyes and Rai and looks to Jaina.

River Grau sighs. He then gets an idea, trying to change the subject. "Why don't we ask that Niyol kid if he wants to join us? Maybe he can teach us stuff on how to form the group since he seems like he knows lots. An' we can make a rule, older kids can't lead us just 'cause they are older."

Rai Pawpad shrugs. "Ask your mom, princess. Ask Deets if she wasn't mad that Leor was keepin some hybrid kid locked up in the bar." He turns and hisses. "No! Not that kid!"

Jaina Lefevre tips her head and looks at River. "Sister D said I hadta meet him 'cause I was smart like him and he don't have ears'n tail nee....ither." she fumbles a bit on the last word and shrugs. " does."

Rai Pawpad shakes his head. "What, River, you just NEED someone to push you around? Is that it?"

River Grau turns, completely ignoring Rai's outburst. "Uhm, so whatcha think Jaina?"

Jaina Lefevre sighs. "He ain't gonna if we don't let him. And big kids can get stuff little kids can't, so he's got useful bits." She says this to Rai.

Jaina Lefevre is probably the first almost-six-year old to say he's got 'useful bits'...

Grumpy bear

Grumpy bear

Garret Morgath hisses out loudly when the girl bit his tail, causing him to be seriously pissed now, he had to admit the girl had spunk, she just didn't know how to use it "you knw what Grumpy bears do when they get really grumpy, they eat children, its a fine treat" he says to the girl in a deep and serious tone as he reaches over and attempts to push the girl away "And you had better get someone to teach you how to fight right if your gonna be a pirate princess, cause I ain't kneeling down to a lass who can't whoop a grown man with her bare hands" he says to the girl with a dark chuckle.

Caty Weezles shrieked as she was going head first intot he door, and into the other little girl, "RUN RUN RUN!" She pushed against the heavy door with all her little might, "RUN GRUMPY BEARS GONNA EAT US! RUN!"

Garret Morgath chuckles as he bares his teeth at the girl as she runs, making some chomping faces "I'm hungry, who's the tasty one" he booms out in his most bear-like tone

Shadowkat Wrigglesworth stands up as she walked over towards Caty and grinned lightly to her. "Caty...theres a trick to the grumpy bears..." She spoke low to her as she noticed the other kid. "If you run behind them and tickle them behind the knee...they can't help but laugh." She winked over towards her as she studied Garret and couldn't help but laugh even more. "Just no breaking anything."

Serafina Fall: Plowed into by the other little girl, she let out a high little shriek, tumbling back against the record bin. Her back shoved there she stared at the girl's face of terror and clutched at one of her arms, holding a free finger to her own mouth in a silent "Shhhh!" Wide eyes then skated back to the adults. They didn't SEEM to be /that/ angry, especially the female one. "Not gonna hurt you don't think!" Her little voice tried to reassure.

Caty Weezles would try and squirm behind the redhead, pointing back towards Garret. Her heart raced far above normal levels, "NO I BITES HIM! He can't come on my boat!" Very matter of factly.

Garret Morgath started to step tword the girls "I'm gonna stuff you full of peas and broccoli and then I'm gonna eat you up once your nice and fat on healthy veggies, grumpy bear likes children who taste like veggies" he states as he approaches, deciding to play bad guy and avoid getting stabbed by Kat "Only a real pirate can stop me" he boasted in an exagerated fashion, thrusting out his chest as a show of intimidation.

Shadowkat Wrigglesworth laughed as she watched them and shook her head as she leaned against the records. "You won't let him on the boat?! But what if you can't get him off of the boat?" She snickered softly as she watched the two of them. She was glad that this was going to be on video, she was pretty sure Chi would get a laugh out of it. She did an unnoticable facepalm , that was full of laughter as she watched them.

Serafina Fall: If she was any older she'd been thinking 'What the fuck was going on?' As it was, the little girl was about eight. And she still - essentially - had that twisted look on her features. She didn't have a clue, but boldness set in and she firmly pronounced to the man. "You are most certainly NOT the big bad wolf!" In her bestest way possible. She tried to scuttle around with the girl, whether with her or not, she was outta there.

Caty Weezles pushed her weight into the door with Kat's response. Once again the pirate princess had no power over her crew. She narrowed eyes on Garret, "I'm the pirate princess in trains and you are not 'llowed on my boats! You has to stay on th eland and clean up doggie poop!" Thanks to the other little girls shirt, yeah that idea had just come to. "AND YOU OWES FOUR CREDITS TO THE CURSE JAR!" She scrunched hre nose and blew out raspberries. Probably tumbling outside much the way she tumbled in.

big bad wolf t shirt

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